Put your moments on the map



If you like to get out, do cool things and check out the hottest places, Kojai is the app for you.
This new must-have addition to the photo sharing experience uses geo-tagging to pin your pictures to a map, then lets you share them with your friends.

screen 1


Show exactly where you took that breathtaking mountain shot, or scroll through your home screen map to find the nearest epic eatery.

screen 2


One click share to Facebook and Twitter. A variety of Image filters to spice up your photos and instantly put a name to your location.

screen 3


Tracing the places you’ve been to and following your friends around the world has never been more visual.

screen 4


Kojai is the perfect travel companion.


What does Kojai mean?

It’s pronounced Ko-ja-ee and means ‘Where are you?’

Do I need to have a Facebook account to use Kojai?

At the moment, yes. It’s for security reasons as we don’t want people making up false accounts. We certainly wouldn’t want stampedes of One D fans running around, and we doubt anyone would believe Beyoncé was in your local boozer, but you never know.

When will the Android version become available?

We’re hoping to release a version in around 6 months. Hold tight, anti-Apple folk!

Why can’t Kojai find me or the location of some of my gallery images?

Your camera and Kojai need to have access to your location settings. To check this, go to your phone’s settings > Privacy > Location Settings > turn on Camera and Kojai. Done!

How do I share music?

Tap the setting icon in Kojai and slide the ‘Share my music track’ icon on. Best slide it off when posting and listening to those Disney tracks though.

Can I look at a friend’s pictures without revealing my own location?

Yes, just turn on Private mode in the settings, then play the Pink Panther tune.

Are there any annoying adverts?

No, we hate them as much as you do.

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